How the Advisor Management Interface works

As an advisor, you’ll have access to the Advisor Management Interface, where you can manage your search optimized profile, set the calculation assumptions and communicate with prospects who sign up for a Starter Roadmap. You’ll also have access to marketing tools including website buttons and promotional fliers.

You can take a tour of the Advisor Management Interface by watching this video:

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Advisors helping their community

Everyone needs an independent financial assessment, right?

Boulevard R’s software, branded for financial advisors does just that.  We help advisors better serve their community by providing a quick, meaningful answer to the question “Am I financially on track?” for every person who takes 5 minutes to complete the interactive, visual goals process.

On top of that, everyone who signs up gets a personalized 8 page Starter Roadmap, as well as a customized online Dashboard, designed to help members of your community reach their goals.

To explain exactly how the software works, which leading organizations are using it and also address security and privacy concerns, we’ve create this short 11 minute (it says 15 minutes on the slide, but we managed to shorten it during the editing process) video:

For advisors who want to embed this video on their own site, just go to:

Or paste in this code:

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New Product: Helping Top Retirement Plan Advisors Get Ahead for Free

Boulevard R’s new Retiremap product is designed to improve retirement plan participant outcomes with more engaging education, while limiting plan sponsor fiduciary liability with automated 404(c) compliance and helping plan advisors uncover new ways to deliver value-added services.

Since plan advisors are who we know best, we’re providing them with customized data sheets that they can then pass on to plan sponsors. If you’re an advisor who’d like to use Retiremap to get ahead of your competition by:

  • Differentiating your services
  • Saving time in participant meetings
  • Generating more revenue from each plan

then we’d be happy to create a custom branded data sheet for you (see Mike Montgomery’s data sheet below).

Get Your Own Data Sheet

To request a custom firm-branded data sheet just fill out this short form:

To move advisors and plan sponsors to action, we came up with the following sweetheart, low-risk pricing, since our biggest focus right now is getting plan sponsors signed up:

  • Free for the first year*
  • No set up fee
  • After the first year, it’s $24/year per registered participant (meaning that they signed up on the system through the activation link and have an account in the database)

This pricing is only available for the first 10 early adopting advisors and plan sponsors. For any plan sponsor you think would be interested, we’d be happy to do a demo. If the they sign up, we’ll do at least one educational webinar for their participants.

For more information, email us at

Here’s the sample data sheet we did for Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors ( is not rendering the second page correctly (though it’d be fine on your firm-branded version), since it’s trying to fit a landscaped (wide) page onto a portrait (tall) page format):

Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors’ Retiremap Data Sheet

* To qualify for this special pricing, retirement plans must have at least 50 enrolled plan participants.

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Generate PR for Your New Service with a Press Release

One way you can garner some attention once you’ve signed up for one of the Boulevard R plans is to circulate a press release. Here is a press release that Steve Stanganelli recently created:

Baby Boomer Retirement Pros Offer New Free DIY Online Starter Roadmap
with Dashboard Tool Kit

By Steve Stanganelli
Dated: Aug 12, 2010

The Baby Boomer financial planning specialists at Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC have teamed up with an industry-leading financial education program creator to provide free online tools for consumers to use to track their financial goal progress.

The financial planning team at Clear View today announced a new partnership with, an interactive website which allows consumers to create a personalized, detailed financial Starter Roadmap that helps investors address a range of issues such as investment, savings and tax reduction strategies.

Steve Stanganelli, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Professional and founding partner at Clear View said, “Whether you are retired, a Baby Boomer with a grown family or a recent college graduate, you can use and reuse this tool to check to see if you’re on track, making progress or need to adjust course.”

Stanganelli added, “In five minutes, less time than it takes to make microwave popcorn, you can find out how to get on track to meet your life goals with the online financial education resources” offered on and through the Quest company website.

Quest will host the Boulevard R software on its website and the website and blog of Steve Stanganelli, CFP® so that consumers can easily find out if they are financially on track to reach any type of goal including buying real estate, paying off debt, raising a family, paying for college, handling elder care for aging parents or building a retirement income nest egg.

The easy-to-use, interactive tool, developed by leading Certified Financial Planner™ professionals and a top behavioral economist, leads individuals through a process that evaluates their goals and helps them understand whether or not they are on track.

Investors can choose various financial goals such as buying a house, saving for college, or saving for retirement, and can drag-and-drop the user-friendly pictures onto a visual timeline.

Next, users enter details about their current income, family status, geographical location, debt amounts and ideal retirement goals. The tool then produces an eight-page Starter Roadmap and customized online Dashboard providing consumers with narrative explanations of strategies to consider as well as financial education resource links to sites such as Morningstar ®.

While other personal finance tools focus on cash flow management, and Quest offer consumers a unique financial Starter Roadmap document that highlights consumers’ current financial health and offers suggestions to get on track.

“It’s important for consumers to learn first-hand about the financial planning process, and this unique tool is a great way for them to get started,” said Marv Tuttle, CAE, Executive Director and CEO of the Financial Planning Association, the industry trade organization for financial planners which has also partnered with Boulevard R. “We hope this roadmap approach helps consumers understand the need for creating a solid, financial plan and will motivate them to work with a qualified financial planner to help plan their future.”

“Consumers need an easy, convenient way to dip their toes in the financial planning waters and see if they are financially on track,” said Matt Iverson, CEO at Boulevard R.

“By partnering with thought-leading service providers like Boulevard R, the team at Clear View is able to give consumers the tools they need to help them understand and improve their financial situation,” said Stanganelli.

To access the tool directly visit

For more information visit or view a two-minute video tutorial describing the service here at:

About Steve Stanganelli, CFP ®
Steve Stanganelli, CFP ®, CRPC ® is a five-star rated, board-certified financial planning professional with over 20 years of experience coaching individuals and businesses on ways to improve and protect their bottom line.

His practice encompasses qualified plan design, retirement income planning, investment management, college funding strategies and exit planning for business owners and professionals. Steve is a published author on financial matters in the press and has appeared on Boston-area TV and radio.

Steve holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and CHARTERED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELOR(sm) designations and has been awarded a Five-Star Quality Rating by independent advisor rating service, the Paladin Registry, earned by fewer than 3% of financial planners.

Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC

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A Look into the Future: Boulevard R Profiled as Top Innovator

Boulevard R was recently profiled as a top innovator in a comprehensive industry study completed by Hearts & Wallets.

The study, Competing in the Next Great Financial Services Battleground: Strategies and Tactics for Winning the Hearts & Wallets of Mid-Career Accumulators, highlights Boulevard R as a leading example of Accumulation‐focused Advisory Services.  They defined this category as, “advisory firms that focus on Accumulators, and other firms that
offer support services to help advisors market to, and cost‐effectively, support Accumulator clients.”

More specifically, here’s what they had to say:

Boulevard R is a holistic, web‐based solution that gives independent advisors a strong web presence and set of tools for client acquisition. This small start‐up offers tools for advisors to profile clients, formulate goals, and develop a “roadmap” to meet them. The firm also offers what it calls an “advisor‐branded marketing platform” (AMP) to help advisors attract new clients online. The combination of online capabilities and low‐costs
makes Boulevard R a potentially useful tool for independent advisors to develop relationships with Accumulators.

The AMP is designed to do three things:
• Help attract exactly the type of prospects the advisor is looking for
• Ensure a high close rate, by helping to ensure that the advisor converts desirable prospects into clients
• Helps advisors nurture a relationship with prospects who are not qualified today, but who are likely to be
qualified in the future

Although the Boulevard R Web‐site is template driven, advisors can add their own pictures, logos, articles and press clippings. Furthermore, Boulevard R will perform search engine optimization so that the site attracts the right type of prospects for the advisor. For example, if an advisor has a niche specialty, such as charitable giving,
the search engine optimizer will be geared to make sure those looking for a financial planner specializing in giving will be able to find him when searching the Web.

The report went on to cover the following three categories:

  1. Accumulation‐oriented Web‐site from an Industry Leader
  2. Online Value Providers
  3. Investing, Saving, and Planning Tools

If you want to learn more and download the report prospectus, just click here.

If you want to learn more about how you can serve Mid-Career Accumulators, check out the webinar replay for the presentation 180+ advisors recently attended on Why Gen X Accumulators are the Future for Your Business:

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Why Bonnie Hughes CFP® swears by “fresh air marketing”

Bonnie Hughes has a unique approach to marketing.  It’s called “fresh air marketing” and from what we can tell, it doesn’t have anything to do with the NPR program with Terry Gross, nor does it involve hanging out in nature.

In this interview, Bonnie details how she:

  • Structures her time to make sure she’s out there meeting with people
  • Communicates the value she delivers as a financial planner
  • Takes advantage of local marketing opportunities and gets involved in groups full of potential clients

Additionally, Bonnie was an early sign up and has had a Boulevard R profile for over a year.  Presently, she is using our software to help get her foot in the door at local companies, while also providing a valuable service to business owners.  Here’s the short 2 minute clip on where she sees Boulevard R making “a huge impact”:



Here is the full interview- with all the juicy “how to” details:


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Jay Peroni: “Don’t use Boulevard R!”

Find out how Jay Peroni CFP®, author of The Faith-Based Investor, gets 3-5 new prospects a day and why he doesn’t want you using Boulevard R’s software (he then jokes “I don’t want my competition figuring out what I’m doing” at around minute 13 in the second video).

We interviewed Jay at his home in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Best Marketing Idea
Here’s a two minute excerpt from the interview where Jay answers the quesiton about the best marketing idea he’s implemented in the last couple of years:


Here is the full interview:


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New Ways to Attract Prospects

Simple messages on attractive website buttons are a great way to drive traffic from your website to your landing page.

So far, this traffic has come almost exclusively from buttons that an advisor puts on their own website (we strongly suggest they be prominently placed on the homepage).

Now you can get your affiliates and clients in on the act.

Boulevard R has just released some new buttons (on the Advisor Management Interface > Marketing tab > Website buttons page) designed to help your clients and your affiliates drive traffic to your landing page (or if you prefer, either your profile page or straight into the interactive goals process).

Here are some of the latest website buttons that affiliates can put on their sites:



Here is one of the new buttons for clients:


The full collection can be found in the Advisor Management Interface (part of any Boulevard R plan), along with other custom marketing tools.

If you’ve signed up for a Boulevard R plan and haven’t yet taken us up on our new offer to create a complimentary, personalized marketing plan for you, please send an email to so that we can get started.  The personalized marketing plan has actionable steps, based on best practices, as well as useful resources to help you attract more prospective clients.

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What Every Advisor Needs: A Marketing Plan

At the FPA® Business Solutions conference, it became painfully clear to us that advisors are too busy making financial plans to create a solid marketing plan. In order to help quickly ramp advisors up and get them started on the right path, for each advisor who signs up with a Performance or Firm plan, Boulevard R is now creating a complimentary, personalized marketing plan.  Each plan has concrete, actionable ideas on ways to use our software to generate more prospects.

We found that simply giving advisors an orientation on how to use our software wasn’t enough. They need the big picture (amplifying client referrals by giving them a reason to talk about you with the Advisor-Branded Marketing Platform’s offer of a complimentary Starter Roadmap), as well as the specific steps that need to be completed and the resources to make it all happen.

To help advisors over the marketing hurdle, we created an marketing plan template that is personalized based on:

  • The advisor’s target market
  • What the advisor is already doing on the marketing front
  • What marketing activities the advisor is considering or open to doing
  • The advisor’s referral process

We designed the plan to be very easy to read through and use as a working document with step owners, deadlines and costs (where appropriate).  Here’s a shot of the cover page, which hints at the non-intimidating nature of the plan:


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