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Retirement Planning Resources for Women

By Matt Over the last week, I’ve been talking with people about women’s economic security and retirement issues. It turns out that the government has developed quite a few programs, all of which I’ve never heard of until I went digging for information. Among the sites and resources that seem to be most valuable:

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The A, B, Cs of Behavioral Finance (Part 1)

By Matt I was just going over my notes from some discussions I’ve had with a behavioral economist at MIT and I thought there are some key points on retirement planning that are worth sharing. Since Boulevard R’s mission is to help motivate consumers to get on track for retirement, the more widely this latest […]

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Inflation is to Boomers what the bear market is to Generation Y

By Matt This week I had a really inspiring conversation with Jason from Wesabe. He was very open about how they have been successful and how they’ve connected with the community of users who are active in personal finance. When we were talking, he mentioned that the blog post he wrote on what holds people […]

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Startup Camp

By Matt Today the team spent the day at an “un-conference” here in San Francisco that was put on for startups by Sun and others. There were some interesting sessions, particularly one on bootstrapping a startup, led by one of the founders of Joyent.

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What’s stupid? Human behavior or existing tools

By Matt In talking with a leading behavioral economist yesterday about online advice tools and his research, we got onto the topic of why people are in such bad shape when it comes to retirement preparedness.

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