Startup Camp

By Matt

Today the team spent the day at an “un-conference” here in San Francisco that was put on for startups by Sun and others. There were some interesting sessions, particularly one on bootstrapping a startup, led by one of the founders of Joyent.

Another session that got me thinking was how we might be able to organize a similar type of un-conference for people approaching retirement and who have a desire to spend their time helping others by making their communities better places for everyone. One organization that is working on this is Civic Ventures. Other natural allies would be CharityFocus, VolunteerMatch, Urban Institute, Corporation for National and Community Service, Points of Light Foundation, and others.

One way that un-conferences can be set up is around a person or key group that can act as the organizing force to create buzz and carry the momentum forward.

If Baby Boomers are the target group, since they are just now starting to retire, maybe we can draw from this list and come up with some good civic minded candidates like the following generational icons:

  • Danny Glover
  • Bill Clinton
  • Jane Fonda
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Susan Sarandon

I would guess that getting partners or sponsors for an event like this would be pretty easy, between the charitable foundations that want to support positive social change coming from citizens to corporate sponsors who want to market to and be associated with such a high minded group of people. The reality is though, that these events can be put on for not much money and that contributions would be much better spent implementing the great ideas that would come out of such a free-form and creative gathering.

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