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False Hopes And Credit

By Felipe [youtube=] Since I wasn’t born or brought up in the US, I’ve noticed that my perspective on personal finance is a bit different than the avererage American. Coming from a hard-working middle-class family from Brazil, I lived part of my life under hyperinflation and economic turmoil, and because of that I do have […]

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Don’t let the numbers get you down

By Mariette Did you know that half of the women who are now 65 will live until they are 85? Statistically women have a longer life expectancy than men, on average they live 7 years longer – therefore they have to plan for a longer retirement. In addition they also tend to earn less money […]

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Where have all the Innovators gone?

By Matt For me, the word innovation brings to mind things like the iPhone, velcro, biofuels and defibrillators. Banking and trading stocks does not rank too high on this list. Financial services, as an industry, is traditional and competitive around a couple key metrics like transactional costs, assets under management and rates of retention. While […]

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Life Insurance – The Basics

By Randy (Randy is a Certified Financial Planner with 20 years of experience as an investment banker and he will be contributing weekly to the Boulevard R blog) I very frequently get asked about life insurance. There are few areas in financial planning both as important and as confusing as the subject of life insurance. […]

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I’m My Own Knight in Shining Armor

By Mariette (Every Monday, Mariette will share what she’s learning about retirement. Enjoy!) I’d never thought about saving for retirement before, it just wasn’t on my radar. I also figured the chances are that I won’t retire – that was my retirement vision, I would just work until the end and since I’m an artist […]

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All Aboard the SS Fidelity

By Matt One of the best features on Fidelity’s Retirement Quick Check is that it allows not just an individual, but also a couple to plan for retirement. This is key because your retirement funds need to last as long as the oldest person lives. For example, let’s say a husband (54 years old) and […]

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Setting Sail for Retirement- From Here to Honolulu

By Matt Recently there were a couple articles that appeared in Kiplingers and the Wall Street Journal evaluating different online retirement planning tools, including: (Free) ES Planner ($149-$199) Fidelity’s Retirement Quick Check (Free to registered users) Financial Engines ($150-$300) I asked two of the Independent Financial Advisors that are helping us to develop […]

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