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Response to “Overcoming the First Hurdle” post

By Randy Marriette, you have good instincts. While saving for retirement should always be a priority, one of the most effective ways to “earn” a good return on your money is to pay down your debt. When you consider that the long run returns of the stock market are somewhere in the vicinity of 10-11% […]

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There Are 2 “i”s In Innovation

By Matt Just like in the real world, the “Innovation” in our heading has a big “I” and a small “i.” Curve-jumping, paradigm-shifting innovation belongs to the big “I.” Incremental change and tweaking belongs to the small “i.” They each have their place and deserve recognition, but here are Boulevard R, we’re more interested in […]

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Saving for Retirement: Overcoming the First Hurdle

By Mariette It’s National Save for Retirement Week! Who knew? In an effort to promote the idea that saving for retirement is important for everyone, regardless of income, the Senate and the House have declared this National Save for Retirement Week. So in doing our bit to promote this idea I want to look at […]

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Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

By Mariette Yesterday’s Chicago Tribune reported that more and more cash-strapped Americans are borrowing or taking hardship withdrawals from their 401k’s. There are numerous reasons why someone may consider doing this: paying a down payment on a first home, unexpected medical expenses, prevention of foreclosure on an existing home, paying off creditors, etc. However, except […]

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The P in Personal Finance also Stands for Patience

By Mariette Change is difficult, and the hardest things to change are our habits. This is important to remember when we are trying to change our relationship to money. When we are trying to get out of debt, develop healthy saving and investing habits, or beginning to save for retirement, we must have patience with […]

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Getting/Refinancing a Mortgage in a Brave New World

By Randy For those of you who may not have noticed, the mortgage market has tightened up and banks that only a few weeks ago were calling you at home during dinner to refinance your mortgage now won’t even return your call. It’s not quite that bad but the mortgage market has changed dramatically and […]

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No Time For Retirement Planning?

By Felipe A few days ago I was talking to a friend who is about my age (31) regarding what we’ve been doing here at Boulevard R, and he told me he simply did not have the time to review all the 401k literature and paperwork his employer sent him. Of course I told him […]

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The Marriage Counselor of Retirement Planning

By Matt In thinking about the relationships that many consumers have with their financial provider, particularly around retirement planning, a dysfunctional marriage is what first comes to mind. Being a single guy with no marriage experience, I really have no idea what a dysfunctional marriage feels like, but I have a pretty good idea of […]

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Communication, Personal Finance & Relationships

By Mariette It is well established by now that ongoing communication with your partner is the key to happy, healthy relationships. This applies to discussing each other’s views and habits with regards to money as well as what your goals are for the future and your retirement vision. Transparency, while often painful, is healthiest in […]

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