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Banks, Boomers and Balances

It is clear that banks have a lot of catch up work to do when it comes to the retirement market. A recent survey that comes from the banking industry points out: “Only 14 percent of mass affluent consumers cited their bank as their primary provider of retirement savings, compared to 53 percent for investment […]

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Selling, Selling Everywhere

There was an op-ed in Investment News the other day that underscored the reason why consumers are distrustful of their financial providers and increasingly dissatisfied. The article briefly discussed the scarcity of qualified financial advisors and then provided a first person account (from the perspective of a newly minted planner) of how the planner profession […]

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A little bit of press

Thanks to Davis Janowski, we were recently featured in an Investment News article.  Investment News covers issues for financial advisors and it was great speaking with Davis who understood the need to provide services to the mass market and also liked the interactive nature of the interface. The opportunity to address the larger market, not […]

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