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Stayin’ alive

I visited my local farmers market on Saturday and was amazed at how much great, farm-fresh produce they have in January (full disclosure: I am in California). It got me thinking about healthy lifestyles and their long-term impact on retirement planning. At the end of last week, I was talking on the phone with someone […]

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Stepping on the scale

Don’t look now, but if you’ve found this blog and haven’t yet been through Boulevard R’s 5-step process, the next logical step is for you to get on the retirement scale and weigh in. Not necessarily a fun proposition. A lot of people don’t want to put themselves in the position of receiving potentially bad […]

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The (personal) financial cost of doing a startup

There are many ways to start a company. The great thing about doing a financial services startup is that you learn so much more about personal finance and best practices.  Boulevard R has been very fortuante to have a couple of great independent financial advisors informing the calculation process.  Another benefit is that through interacting […]

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What’s the secret sauce in Boulevard R’s calculations?

Most online calculators focus on a specific event, like retirement, buying a home or college savings.  Boulevard R, however, takes an integrated approach that considers all these factors and does it in a way that is designed to be used on an ongoing basis.  Our goal is to simulate the planning process someone would go […]

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