Since FinovateStartup at the end of April, Boulevard R has been busy developing and building out a comprehensive platform for delivering personalized, unbiased advice.  To really understand financial planning and how it is delivered, we’ve been working closely with some of the leading independent financial planners in the US, particularly within the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

In July we attended the annual conference for FPA’s NexGen, which is a group of all-star younger planners who are particularly passionate about making financial planning accessible for all Americans.  Because of the business model that the financial services industry has adopted, almost none of the the 20 and 30-something planners can have their peers as clients, even though these are the people who often times need guidance the most.

The conference underscored for us that financial planning done right is truly a noble profession- one centered around service that can have a dramatically positive impact on the lives of people who typically don’t have the expertise to understand how all the  complexity behind planning.  The planning relationship is really about trust and that’s something that Boulevard R strives to accomplish through transparency and best practices.  The NexGen folks inspired us to build something that uses technology to dramatically scale and increase the productivity of advice delivery in a way that is independent, actionable and personalized.  Many of the NexGeners are already making major contributions to the content on Boulevard R.

What we’ll be launching next week at Finovate 2008 will be the result of our 6 month quiet period.  Not only have we developed a platform to create high-level, comprehensive financial plans which we call Roadmaps, but we’ll also be rolling out an online dashboard that offers some real utility by helping consumers consolidate their financial life without having to give up the passwords to their accounts, while  breaking down Goals and Ways to Protect Yourself just like an independent financial planner would.  In fact, all the content has been developed by Certified Financial Planners™, which is the financial planning credential that is the most rigorous and difficult to earn.

At Finovate 2008, we’ll also be announcing a partnership with a major financial services company dedicated to helping small businesses get the advice they need to weather the economic storm.

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