Dave Drucker Scoops AMP

A couple of months ago, Dave Drucker contacted Boulevard R, since we were quoted in an InvestmentNews story about how younger planners feel a need to serve Middle Market consumers.  Over the course of the interview, I started talking about the new service we were rolling out for independent financial advisors and his curiosity was piqued.

We scheduled another interview so that I could explain in greater detail what we were building and how it could help advisors.  The real challenge was that at the time our site was still all about consumers, so it wasn’t easy to clearly demonstrate the model.

Fortunately, Dave is a very conscientious reporter and he sent me a draft for fact checking, which allowed me to the chance to more clearly explain how AMP works.  The result is a very well written article in Morningstar that covers the old model and then segues into what we’re doing now.  Since the article came out, we’ve received a number of inquires and sign ups.  We’ve also put up a video demonstrating just how the new Advisor-Branded Marketing Platform works (thanks to Aaron Coates).

We’re looking forward to launching AMP at the T3 conference in Dallas (which we found out about only after Dave did the story), where we’ll be able to demonstrate a much more full featured solution that what is described in the Morningstar article.

We’ll also be participating on Marie Swift’s panel discussing how to automate marketing efforts on Saturday morning, so we’re excited about that as well.

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