Bob Veres & “the future of planning”

For this month’s edition of Bob Veres’s monthly newsletter, Inside Information, he decided to profile Boulevard R’s Advisor-Branded Marketing Platform (AMP), even though we haven’t launched yet.  We’ll be doing that at the T3 conference in Dallas next week.

Michael Kitces was kind enough to introduce us and during the interview and subsequent communication, Bob asked great questions and really tried to understand how AMP works.  There really isn’t anything in the financial advisor space like AMP.  From what we can tell, there’s not even a category for advisor marketing software.  Particularly one that has the potential to effortlessly deliver so much value to prospects.

We were impressed by how much Bob was impressed.  Here’s a direct quote:

“This may well be a peek at the future of planning itself.”

Bob also really looked at this from a generational standpoint.  It’s true that Boulevard R has developed a lot of our content, as well as our planning approach by working with some of the top younger financial planners.  Bob took this to another level, though:

“I think I’m finally looking at the way the next generation of planners- a generation that is working productively but not totally comfortably withing the Baby Boom paradigm- will offer the planning service when they finally take the reins of the profession.”

Bob went on to say:

“Until NexGen gets firmly into the leadership saddle of the profession, Boulevard R looks like a nice way to cultivate future clients and offer help where it was uneconomical to do so before.”

Looking at how advice is delivered, which is how Boulevard R wants to impact financial planning so that more people can access independent advice by working with a fiduciary, Bob wrapped up with a forecast:

“But within the next ten years, whether with Boulevard R or some other program, I think you’ll start to see the planning relationship change to something that most of today’s practice owners would have trouble contemplating–a service that will be more democratic, efficient and interactive than it is today.

It’s not hard to see, in the Boulevard R screens, a future where the planner is freed up to offer advice, counsel and wisdom without the administrative chores that make today’s relationships so expensive.”

We’re looking forward to keeping Bob update as AMP rolls out.

If you want to explore a live demo of Boulevard R, including the interactive goals process, Roadmap Questionnaire, Sample Roadmap and online Dashboard, just click here or on the image below.

Explore a live demo

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