A new profile for the “Fighting Gobblers”

Boulevard R started out with the mission to make independent financial advice accessible for all consumers.  During the course of trying to make this happen, we’ve realized a few things:

  1. Personal financial content works best when there is a real person on the other side of table.  A computer monitor will only get you so far.  If you’re really trying to solve problems or get personalized, in-depth financial advice, working with a person you trust is important.
  2. Independent financial advisors have always been our biggest boosters
  3. Of the independent financial advisors, younger advisors have been our most active evangelists

So we’re happy to announce that we’re helping to return the favor, particularly to the youngest financial advisors, since we are making the Advisor-Branded Marketing Platform (AMP) available as an educational tool for some of the top financial planning programs in the country.  We’re kicking this program off with the Fighting Gobblers (aka Hokies) of Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech

Last October we had a chance to demo AMP to Prof. Ruth Lytton of Virginia Tech at FPA Boston.  She was impressed with what we had created and in turn, we were impressed by her and VT’s financial planning program the more we learned about it.  This semester, Prof. Lytton is going to use AMP in her client communications course.

We’re excited not only at the opportunity to help educational institutions who are furthering the profession and training the next generation of financial advisors, but also the reach that AMP can have when you put it in the hands of a bunch of smart, enthusiastic students.

Check out VT’s new profile!

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