What’s New- Profiles & Business Model

I think it’s fair to say that when we rolled out AMP, we over-promised what it could deliver right out of the gates.  In the three months since we launched the first profiles, we’ve learned several things from listening to consumers and advisors, as well as tracking the metrics.

Here are the key issues we identified:

  1. If an advisor already has a prospect’s contact information (a Known prospect), they should be able to pre-register them and then email a unique link that automatically logs the prospect in as soon as they click on it (of course the email would explain all that)
  2. Unknown prospects should be able to sign up without having to input so much information, while also getting more value right away by being able to access the Dashboard without having to first sign up
  3. It should be easier for prospects to contact advisors through the profile page
  4. The profile should tell a better story about “this cool new service created by really smart people (economists and financial planners) and used by institutions you can trust (Virginia Tech and Texas Tech)”
  5. Advisors should be able to list specific services they offer in order to further niche their practices and attract prospects

So in response, we decided to launch a new profile (you can check out a live version here and watch the video for advisors that describes the features of their new profile below).

As a results we just launched these major improvements to AMP:

  1. A new profile designed to tell a better marketing story to Unknown prospects, with a video, dynamic contact forms and a place for Unknown prospects to sign up next to an example of the Starter Roadmap.
  2. A time-saving new feature that pre-registers prospective clients through the Advisor Management Interface and emails them a unique link with a token that captures all their information as they enter it, so that advisors don’t have to spend as much time meeting with prospects, while also gathering very helpful data without having to do any of the work.
  3. A new system flow that takes prospects deeper into the educational platform and delivers more value by showing the Dashboard content, while also making it easier to sign up with just a name and email

So far, we’ve gotten very positive feedback from the advisors.  Though this is purely anecdotal, one advisor who is using AMP very effectively as an efficiency tool to screen prospective clients, received 3 unknown, qualified prospects in one week.

Additionally, we’re going to be rolling out a new business model in the next few weeks that will make AMP much more affordable and available.  Most importantly, it will be a big step forward in helping us deliver educational content to help people reach their financial goals.  Which is precisely what we set out to do in the first place.

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