Setting AMP Free

Sometime soon we’re going to lead a new release of the Advisor-Branded Marketing Platform (AMP) out of the barn and set it free. That’s right, AMP will be available for free.

No commitments. Free forever.

Part of our motivation for offering AMP for free is to make it more widely available, while delivering more value with a new feature set that is so compelling that some advisors will want to upgrade from free to a premium version (now a more affordable $99/month instead of $295/month) in order to automate their prospect qualification process. Our bet is that advisors will easily be able to achieve ROI with AMP by avoiding just one prospect meeting each month (while still delivering real value to the prospects they can’t take on with the branded Starter Roadmap).

What we’ve focused on in this new release is email marketing. We found that email is a powerful way to make use of the AMP functionality (qualifying prospects, helping people with financial education and building a local brand). So in this new release, we’ve made professional grade email marketing a core offering.

We recently did a test with an advisor’s 400+ prospect list and found that it led to approximately a 10% completion rate. That is, out of the all the prospects we emailed on her behalf, she generated over 40 Starter Roadmaps. For advisors, it’s an easy, efficient way to find out who is interested in your services and if they’re qualified to come on board as a client.

Part of the free service will be the ability to send a one time email campaign to a group of prospects. The premium service will allow much more extensive email marketing capabilities, as well as full access to the prospect data. Both versions will include detailed campaign reports.

The new AMP is looking forward to helping financial advisors have much more effective email marketing campaigns.

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