Have an email list? We’ll qualify it for you!

Boulevard R is in the process of testing out a new feature for AMP: Email marketing. We’ve had initial success with this- a trial with an advisor in the Washington DC area got a 6% conversion rate (0.5-1% is considered good).

Here’s our offer:
If you have an old list of prospects or an eNewsletter list or a list of contacts from a presentation/seminar, just sign up for the free Basic profile and we’ll create an email campaign for up to 200 of your prospects. This way you can find out which of your prospects are most engaged and interested in your service and you’ll have provided them all with a Starter Roadmap.
> Sign up for free to qualify your email list

If you want to see prospects’ profile data, you can easily upgrade to the Performance plan for $99/month (no contract, no long term commitment). If you don’t want to upgrade, you’ll at least have provided each prospect with a valuable Starter Roadmap and an online Dashboard, which is fully automated so you don’t have to lift a finger. It’s a great way to build your local brand and stand out from your competition.

A little more on this new feature
So seizing on the initial 6% conversion rate, we added some features that allow advisors to take their email lists and run them through the Boulevard R engine by sending out activation links that take prospects to an optimized landing page. On the landing page (below), they can learn more about the value of the service you offer.
New email marketing landing page

To optimized the whole email marketing process, we brought on the former director of eCommerce acquisition from a large financial services company. The metrics that we get from these initial campaigns will help us further optimize this new feature- delivering more value for the prospects and more leads for the advisors.

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