The case for sending reminders

As we started sending out email marketing campaigns for advisors this week, I took some time to go back and explore the metrics behind the campaign that led to this new email feature.

When we created the initial email marketing campaign for an advisor in the Washington DC area, we were really blown away by the conversion rate (6% on a series of 3 emails- 2 of which were actionable with registration links). We thought we might be onto something, so we recruited some advisors to help us test and optimize this feature.

We ran the initial email campaign in the middle of summer (starting on July 14th) and while the initial response from her list was positive, it wasn’t until I created a timeline that we saw the significant role that the reminder email plays. Check out the below timeline on her campaign:

Iniital email campaign timeline

What’s really interesting is the huge response rate after the reminder email was sent (these were simple text emails, not fancy HTML emails which we’re currently testing). The initial response rate was modest with an email sent at 3pm EDT on a Friday (not great timing). A number of people were out of the office on that day (we got back a bunch of vacation auto-responders), so there was a nice bump on Monday.

What is particularly interesting is that of the people who clicked on the link in the Link email, 9 out of 11 went all the way from the landing page through the five pages in the goals process to the results page. That’s 82% conversion rate from the email click and keep in mind that it takes about 5 minutes to get your result after you click on your goals and set the sliders.

Part of the reason these prospects could have been highly motivated is because of the Intro email we sent for the advisor, preceding the Link email by one hour. These people were actually waiting for the Link email. In fact, due to a technical issue, we had sent out the Intro email to about 20% of recipients 3 days before and hadn’t been able to send the activation right after so the advisor started getting emails from their prospects asking about the promised link email. Now that’s prospect engagement.

When we sent the reminder email in the middle of the following week, there was a surge in clicks and Starter Roadmaps generated (what happened in the middle of the chart). In fact, over 60% of the Starter Roadmaps (indicated by the green boxes) that were generated happened after the Reminder email was sent. We also had a higher percentage of bounces/incomplete engagements on the two days when the activity spiked, but in those two days there were more conversions than there were clicks in the previous 8 days.

In the recent email campaigns we haven’t seen this reminder trend play out as dramatically, so I think that the list and the timing of the emails has quite a bit to do with it. On the flip side, since we’ve been able to run different email formats (HTML and text) along with different messages, we’ve seen advisors getting up to a 5% conversion rate on just the initial Link email.

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