Engage. Qualify. Meet.

In essence, Boulevard R’s value proposition for financial advisors can be summed up in three words:

(1) Engage
(2) Qualify
(3) Meet

We know that we do the first two particularly well.

The average conversion rate for email marketing (entails clicking on link in the email, clicking on “Get Started” on a landing page, clicking through to the five pages of the interactive goals process and reaching the Results page) is 7.7%. By industry standards, a good conversion rate on an email marketing campaign is 0.5-1%. The application is also “sticky.” The completion rate for the goals process (a roughly 5 minute interaction) once a prospect clicks on the “Get Started” activation button on the landing page is 76%. For Unknown prospects who are not registered through an email campaign, the average sign up rate of those who start the goals process is around 17%.

From a qualification standpoint, even basic advisors are now able to view all the prospect profile information to assess whether the prospect is truly qualified. This new increased access to data is part of a new release we pushed out two days ago. If you want a quick overview of how the new Basic plan Contacts’ data page works, go to:

Key Changes in the New Release
In order to improve on each of the three themes of this post, we just released some new features. The one that most impacts the current Performance plan advisors is the new Contacts Data page. For an explanation of the workflow and how to use it, we created this short overview video:

One of the key changes is that we’ve updated the Status levels, so that they’re more intuitive. Here is a screen capture of the new Performance plan popup:

Contacts' data page status popup

Here’s what’s different.

A prospect is assigned the status of “Incomplete,” when they start the goals process, but do not finish it (i.e. reach the Results page). When this happens, Boulevard R sends them an email with a link that takes them back into the goals process, so that they can complete it and get their Starter Roadmap and online Dashboard. This improvement was all about increasing engagement.

Instead of “No Assessment,” we now have “Roadmap not sent” and “Roadmap sent.” Since it takes about a day to generate and review the Starter Roadmap, we now pass the information along to advisors regarding whether the Starter Roadmap PDF has been emailed to the prospect.

The main change for both “Not Qualified” and “Qualified” prospects is the mention of complimentary consultation. This is a new feature that is not fully implemented yet. What it does is ask the prospect, once they reach the Dashboard, if they’d like a complimentary consultation to review their goals and investment strategy. If they indicate “Yes,” then two follow up questions are asked: “What number should we call you at?” and “What is a good time of day to call?”

Because we have not implemented this feature yet, currently all prospects are “No consultation requested.” However, once this question is implemented on the Dashboard, we’ll be including this information (i.e. Consultation requested: “Yes/No” and details if indicated “Yes”) on the status popup and on the Contacts’ data page.

In addition to the consultation question on the Dashboard, if a prospect is qualified, but didn’t request a consultation (currently, this is all qualified prospects), advisors can include a link in the “Qualified: No Consultation Requested” email to a form where the prospect can set up a consultation: Click here to see an example.

Keep in mind that for now Performance plan advisors should ignore the “Not Qualified: Consultation Requested” and “Qualified: Consultation Requested” status levels. There are no corresponding emails for these yet.

The “Qualified: No Consultation Requested” status corresponds to the the “Qualified” email on the Email > Automated emails page. The “Not Qualified: No Consultation Requested” status corresponds to the the “Not Qualified” email on the Email > Automated emails page. This will be updated shortly.

Finally, we added a new status for “Qualified: Already a client” since some advisors where including current clients in their email campaigns or sending clients an email asking them to forward on the offer for a complimentary Starter Roadmap, which is resulting in some of the clients signing up for a Starter Roadmap themselves. Incidentally, engaging current clients with Boulevard R’s software has turned out to be a pretty good idea for some advisors. Here’s what one advisor had to say:

“AMP offers an amazing way to engage both prospects and clients. I can market to the next generation of prospects, while learning more about my current clients as they interact with the software. Three months later, I’m still trying to catch up with all the new client information and planning that my first email campaign generated!”

– Ben Baldwin III, CFP®, ChFC, Responsive Financial Group

Boulevard R’s software is the only financial advisor marketing platform that posts such impressive conversion numbers, while also effortlessly qualifying prospects. We’re now focused on the third pillar, which is further helping advisors convert engaged prospects into first meetings.

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