New! AMP Best Practices Group

There are a lot of advisors doing interesting things with AMP to find new clients and automate their marketing.

Some are using it to amplify referrals by sending emails to clients and including elements of charitable giving in the campaign as a reason for clients to refer them. Some are getting amazing conversion rates with the email campaigns to contacts and old prospects. Some are looking to use it as a natural follow up to a small/medium-sized company presentations. Some are writing articles in the local newspaper promoting the service. Some are partnering with local CPA firms and using AMP as a way to engage and qualify the firm’s clients for wealth management services.

To capture all these great ideas, there is now an easy-to-use Google Group.


The Google Group is for current AMP advisors and has some useful files, such as screen captures of the AMP software that can be shown to a group of prospects (perhaps at the end of a Rotary club lunchtime presentation, before you pass around the sign up sheet for people interested in getting an invitation), as well as PowerPoint presentations on topics including investing for retirement and IRA conversions in 2010, all of which can be easily modified.

So if you’ve signed up for AMP, send your Google account email address or a Gmail address to If you want to learn more and haven’t signed up for AMP, then click here for more information on AMP.

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