Meet and More: AMP’s latest release

With the new release we pushed out today, AMP now has the ability to allow prospects to opt-in for a complimentary consultation. This strengthens our new mantra of:

Engage. Qualify. Meet.

The goals process engages prospects (76% of known users who enter through an email campaign complete the interactive goals process), then qualifies them so that advisors can effortlessly identify those that they can help, and now allows them to opt-in for a complimentary consultation to “review your financial goals and investment strategy.” We’ve incorporated this into the Dashboard popup for both the unknown (Google search or HTML button) and known (email marketing campaign) user flows. Here is what it looks like:

New Complimentary Consultation popup

Besides this, we also updated the Basic plan Contacts’ data page by adding a column showing whether the prospect requested a consultation. More significant, though, was the update to the Performance/Firm Contacts’ data page, which also has the new consultation column, as well as:

– A new row on the popup with information on a complimentary consultation, including the best time to call

– The ability to launch your email client/CRM system from the popup, in case you want to send the an email that way (thanks Ben for suggesting this)

– A [ ? ] tooltip that you can scroll over to get a description of what the status means

– The ability to view and edit the email templates

– The option to either (a) save any changes and automatically send the automated email that corresponds to the status level, or (b) save any changes without sending an automated email

To watch a short video on the recent changes to the Performance/Firm Contacts’ data page, please visit:

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