Boulevard R Partners with FPA

We are happy to announce that Boulevard R has partnered with the Financial Planning Association® (FPA) to offer our software to consumers through FPA’s consumer website.  Our long-standing relationships with financial planners, particularly the NexGen group within FPA, is how we created most of the educational content on the Dashboard and in the Starter Roadmap.

FPA logoBoulevard R started out with a mission to serve those who traditionally did not have access to financial planning / wealth management services.  The partnership with FPA has moved us further along on our mission to make sure that all consumers, regardless of how much they’ve saved or what their income is, have access to some tools to establish whether they are on track and how they can improve their situation.

We have been talking with FPA’s consumer group since 2008, so when we agreed to work together in February (they’ve been beta testing our software on their consumer site over the last two months) we were excited to get their vote of confidence.  In fact, the Advisor Branded Marketing Platform (AMP) grew out of discussions that we had with FPA about how we could leverage our technology for individual FPA members.

At FPA’s 2008 national conference in Boston (as the financial markets were imploding), we sat down with Michael Kitces, who is now the Director of Research at Pinnacle Advisory Group in Maryland, and hashed out how we could better reach consumers by building a marketing platform for advisors.  I still remember Michael’s comment at the end of the meeting, “Imagine that- a marketing service that actually delivers value!”

Two years later, we’re convinced that we can deliver real value to both prospects and advisors.  Whether it’s advisors such as Jay Peroni who has attracted five new clients in six months or Ben Baldwin who is using AMP to deepen relationships with their existing clients while also reaching out to prospects, it feels good to be making a difference.

In their own words (and a few of ours), here is the press release that FPA started circulating yesterday:

DENVER – March 31, 2010 – The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) today announced a new partnership with, an interactive website which allows consumers to create a personalized, detailed financial Starter Roadmap. FPA will host the Boulevard R software on its website so that consumers can easily find out if they are financially on track.

The easy-to-use, interactive tool, developed by leading Certified Financial Planners™ and a top behavioral economist, leads individuals through a process that evaluates their goals and helps them understand whether or not they are on track. They can choose various financial goals such as buying a house, saving for college, or saving for retirement, and can drag-and-drop the user-friendly pictures onto a visual timeline. Next, users enter details about their current income, family status, geographical location, debt amounts and ideal retirement goals. The tool then produces an eight-page Starter Roadmap and customized online Dashboard.

While other personal finance tools focus on cash flow management, offers consumers a unique financial Starter Roadmap document that highlights consumers’ current financial health and offers suggestions to get on track.

“It’s important for consumers to learn first-hand about the financial planning process, and this unique tool is a great way for them to get started,” said Marv Tuttle, CAE, Executive Director and CEO of the Financial Planning Association. “We hope this roadmap approach helps consumers understand the need for creating a solid, financial plan and will motivate them to work with a qualified financial planner to help plan their future.”

“Consumers need an easy, fun way to dip their toes in the financial planning waters and see if they are financially on track,” said Matt Iverson, CEO of Boulevard R. “By partnering with FPA, we are able to give consumers the tools they need to help them understand and improve their financial situation.”

To access the tool, visit


About Boulevard R
Boulevard R’s Advisor-Branded Marketing Platform (AMP) is the first web-based marketing software created for financial advisors. AMP helps advisors find new clients by automatically engaging, qualifying and setting up a first meeting, while effortlessly delivering real value to every prospect through the complimentary Starter Roadmap and online Dashboard. Visit for more information.

About FPA
The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) is the leadership and advocacy organization connecting those who need, support and deliver professional financial planning. FPA demonstrates and supports a professional commitment to education and a client-centered financial planning process.

Based in Denver, Colo., FPA has 97 chapters throughout the country representing tens of thousands of members involved in all facets of providing financial planning services.  Working in alliance with academic leaders, legislative and regulatory bodies, financial services firms and consumer interest organizations, FPA is the community that fosters the value of financial planning and advances the financial planning profession.  For more information about FPA, visit or call 800.322.4237.

The Financial Planning Association is the owner of trademark, service mark and collective membership mark rights in: FPA, FPA/Logo and FINANCIAL PLANNING ASSOCIATION. The marks may not be used without written permission from the Financial Planning Association.

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