What Every Advisor Needs: A Marketing Plan

At the FPA® Business Solutions conference, it became painfully clear to us that advisors are too busy making financial plans to create a solid marketing plan. In order to help quickly ramp advisors up and get them started on the right path, for each advisor who signs up with a Performance or Firm plan, Boulevard R is now creating a complimentary, personalized marketing plan.  Each plan has concrete, actionable ideas on ways to use our software to generate more prospects.

We found that simply giving advisors an orientation on how to use our software wasn’t enough. They need the big picture (amplifying client referrals by giving them a reason to talk about you with the Advisor-Branded Marketing Platform’s offer of a complimentary Starter Roadmap), as well as the specific steps that need to be completed and the resources to make it all happen.

To help advisors over the marketing hurdle, we created an marketing plan template that is personalized based on:

  • The advisor’s target market
  • What the advisor is already doing on the marketing front
  • What marketing activities the advisor is considering or open to doing
  • The advisor’s referral process

We designed the plan to be very easy to read through and use as a working document with step owners, deadlines and costs (where appropriate).  Here’s a shot of the cover page, which hints at the non-intimidating nature of the plan:


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