Why Bonnie Hughes CFP® swears by “fresh air marketing”

Bonnie Hughes has a unique approach to marketing.  It’s called “fresh air marketing” and from what we can tell, it doesn’t have anything to do with the NPR program with Terry Gross, nor does it involve hanging out in nature.

In this interview, Bonnie details how she:

  • Structures her time to make sure she’s out there meeting with people
  • Communicates the value she delivers as a financial planner
  • Takes advantage of local marketing opportunities and gets involved in groups full of potential clients

Additionally, Bonnie was an early sign up and has had a Boulevard R profile for over a year.  Presently, she is using our software to help get her foot in the door at local companies, while also providing a valuable service to business owners.  Here’s the short 2 minute clip on where she sees Boulevard R making “a huge impact”:



Here is the full interview- with all the juicy “how to” details:


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