A Look into the Future: Boulevard R Profiled as Top Innovator

Boulevard R was recently profiled as a top innovator in a comprehensive industry study completed by Hearts & Wallets.

The study, Competing in the Next Great Financial Services Battleground: Strategies and Tactics for Winning the Hearts & Wallets of Mid-Career Accumulators, highlights Boulevard R as a leading example of Accumulation‐focused Advisory Services.  They defined this category as, “advisory firms that focus on Accumulators, and other firms that
offer support services to help advisors market to, and cost‐effectively, support Accumulator clients.”

More specifically, here’s what they had to say:

Boulevard R is a holistic, web‐based solution that gives independent advisors a strong web presence and set of tools for client acquisition. This small start‐up offers tools for advisors to profile clients, formulate goals, and develop a “roadmap” to meet them. The firm also offers what it calls an “advisor‐branded marketing platform” (AMP) to help advisors attract new clients online. The combination of online capabilities and low‐costs
makes Boulevard R a potentially useful tool for independent advisors to develop relationships with Accumulators.

The AMP is designed to do three things:
• Help attract exactly the type of prospects the advisor is looking for
• Ensure a high close rate, by helping to ensure that the advisor converts desirable prospects into clients
• Helps advisors nurture a relationship with prospects who are not qualified today, but who are likely to be
qualified in the future

Although the Boulevard R Web‐site is template driven, advisors can add their own pictures, logos, articles and press clippings. Furthermore, Boulevard R will perform search engine optimization so that the site attracts the right type of prospects for the advisor. For example, if an advisor has a niche specialty, such as charitable giving,
the search engine optimizer will be geared to make sure those looking for a financial planner specializing in giving will be able to find him when searching the Web.

The report went on to cover the following three categories:

  1. Accumulation‐oriented Web‐site from an Industry Leader
  2. Online Value Providers
  3. Investing, Saving, and Planning Tools

If you want to learn more and download the report prospectus, just click here.

If you want to learn more about how you can serve Mid-Career Accumulators, check out the webinar replay for the presentation 180+ advisors recently attended on Why Gen X Accumulators are the Future for Your Business:


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