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No Comment: Our FINRA Letter Finally Arrives

Our compliance ship came in today. After months of waiting and extraordinary service from Ken in VSR‘s compliance department (one of their advisors signed up for an Advisor-Branded Marketing Platform (AMP)), we received a No Comment Letter from FINRA: This is great news for any advisor who wants to use AMP and currently has to […]

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Meet and More: AMP’s latest release

With the new release we pushed out today, AMP now has the ability to allow prospects to opt-in for a complimentary consultation. This strengthens our new mantra of: Engage. Qualify. Meet. The goals process engages prospects (76% of known users who enter through an email campaign complete the interactive goals process), then qualifies them so […]

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New! AMP Best Practices Group

There is now a new online group for AMP advisors that provides them with new ideas and ways to use Boulevard R’s software to automate marketing and find new clients.

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Engage. Qualify. Meet.

A summary of some of the latest new features for the Advisor-Branded Marketing Platform focused on prospect engagement, qualification and setting up a first meeting.

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Find new clients in 2010

Start off 2010 by engaging and qualifying up to 200 of your contacts with a free email marketing campaign from Boulevard R. With this new feature, advisors have been getting off-the-charts results, with an average of 7.7% of email recipients registering and getting Starter Roadmaps (0.5-1.0% is considered good). Here is an example of the […]

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The case for sending reminders

As we started sending out email marketing campaigns for advisors this week, I took some time to go back and explore the metrics behind the campaign that led to this new email feature. When we created the initial email marketing campaign for an advisor in the Washington DC area, we were really blown away by […]

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Have an email list? We’ll qualify it for you!

Boulevard R is in the process of testing out a new feature for AMP: Email marketing. We’ve had initial success with this- a trial with an advisor in the Washington DC area got a 6% conversion rate (0.5-1% is considered good). Here’s our offer: If you have an old list of prospects or an eNewsletter […]

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FPA NexGen Goes to Anaheim

Last weekend I took a quick trip down to Anaheim for FPA’s NexGen Community of Interest annual conference. Previous conferences had been stand alone, but this year the NexGen conference was lumped in with the FPA national conference (which started the following day at the Anaheim Convention Center). Here are some of my highlights: Middle […]

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What’s New- Profiles & Business Model

I think it’s fair to say that when we rolled out AMP, we over-promised what it could deliver right out of the gates.  In the three months since we launched the first profiles, we’ve learned several things from listening to consumers and advisors, as well as tracking the metrics. Here are the key issues we […]

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