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Generate PR for Your New Service with a Press Release

One way you can garner some attention once you’ve signed up for one of the Boulevard R plans is to circulate a press release. Here is a press release that Steve Stanganelli recently created: Baby Boomer Retirement Pros Offer New Free DIY Online Starter Roadmap with Dashboard Tool Kit By Steve Stanganelli Dated: Aug 12, […]

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Why Bonnie Hughes CFP® swears by “fresh air marketing”

Bonnie Hughes has a unique approach to marketing.  It’s called “fresh air marketing” and from what we can tell, it doesn’t have anything to do with the NPR program with Terry Gross, nor does it involve hanging out in nature. In this interview, Bonnie details how she: Structures her time to make sure she’s out […]

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Jay Peroni: “Don’t use Boulevard R!”

Find out how Jay Peroni CFP®, author of The Faith-Based Investor, gets 3-5 new prospects a day and why he doesn’t want you using Boulevard R’s software (he then jokes “I don’t want my competition figuring out what I’m doing” at around minute 13 in the second video). We interviewed Jay at his home in […]

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Best Marketing Idea in the Last Two Years

Jay Peroni, is one of Boulevard R’s most successful advisors, averaging one new client per month with our software. This is his answer to a question about the “best marketing idea he’s implemented in the last few years.” We expected Jay might talk about some of his other successful marketing activities and plug Boulevard R […]

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