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Communing with late stage retirement

I just spent the last week getting in touch with what life feels like at the end of retirement. The flu set in and I spent my days just hoping for the next to be a little less painful. And it made me think that I don’t want to be spending my retirement isolated in […]

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Is that a nest egg you’re living in?

As the housing market does a nose dive in certain areas of the country and analysts suggest that we’re not yet through the worst of it as adjustable rate mortgages continue to reset, many people nearing retirement are getting a bit more anxious.  Somewhere around 50% of Americans are counting on their home as a […]

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Retirement planning and its many guises

In the months and months we’ve been working away, we’ve had the opportunity to check out a lot of different online tools aimed at helping consumers come up with a plan, or at least a calculation, for retirement. Boulevard R is continually refining our calculations so that they’re increasingly accurate and customized. We’re using a […]

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A gift that pays dividends

Of all the different kinds of gifts, the one that Boulevard R aspires to give to everyone who uses our application is the gift of financial knowledge. We live in a society where most Americans have received very little in the way of education on personal finances. Research by Annamaria Lusardi and Olivia S. Mitchell […]

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Smoothing the boulevard to retirement

We got some nice press today from the good folks over at Kristen, who covers the retirement planning and investing beat, wrote up a thoughtful piece on what we’re up to. She did a great job of accurately depicting our approach to planning, as well as a laying out what’s coming down the pipe. […]

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Stayin’ alive

I visited my local farmers market on Saturday and was amazed at how much great, farm-fresh produce they have in January (full disclosure: I am in California). It got me thinking about healthy lifestyles and their long-term impact on retirement planning. At the end of last week, I was talking on the phone with someone […]

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Stepping on the scale

Don’t look now, but if you’ve found this blog and haven’t yet been through Boulevard R’s 5-step process, the next logical step is for you to get on the retirement scale and weigh in. Not necessarily a fun proposition. A lot of people don’t want to put themselves in the position of receiving potentially bad […]

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The (personal) financial cost of doing a startup

There are many ways to start a company. The great thing about doing a financial services startup is that you learn so much more about personal finance and best practices.  Boulevard R has been very fortuante to have a couple of great independent financial advisors informing the calculation process.  Another benefit is that through interacting […]

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What’s the secret sauce in Boulevard R’s calculations?

Most online calculators focus on a specific event, like retirement, buying a home or college savings.  Boulevard R, however, takes an integrated approach that considers all these factors and does it in a way that is designed to be used on an ongoing basis.  Our goal is to simulate the planning process someone would go […]

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Banks, Boomers and Balances

It is clear that banks have a lot of catch up work to do when it comes to the retirement market. A recent survey that comes from the banking industry points out: “Only 14 percent of mass affluent consumers cited their bank as their primary provider of retirement savings, compared to 53 percent for investment […]

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