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Recessions and retirement savings

So what happens when the economy hits a bump and some of the luster comes off the nation’s financial outlook?  Do people modify their behavior so that they can still save for retirement or do they just worry more because it’s something that they’re increasingly unable to do. If what’s happening with retirement accounts is […]

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Communing with late stage retirement

I just spent the last week getting in touch with what life feels like at the end of retirement. The flu set in and I spent my days just hoping for the next to be a little less painful. And it made me think that I don’t want to be spending my retirement isolated in […]

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Retirement planning and its many guises

In the months and months we’ve been working away, we’ve had the opportunity to check out a lot of different online tools aimed at helping consumers come up with a plan, or at least a calculation, for retirement. Boulevard R is continually refining our calculations so that they’re increasingly accurate and customized. We’re using a […]

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